I Can’t Do It All At Once

I currently hold a Director of Marketing position for an organization on my college campus. I’ll admit it can be difficult sometimes juggling all the social media posts I’m in charge of creating and posting. With it being my last year at Cal State Fullerton, it’s become even more difficult.

What helps me greatly is Hootsuite.com. It’s an easy to use website that allows me to  manage all the social media accounts. Now I don’t stress as much about when I should be posting announcements. I usually set aside time to make the flyers all at once. Then I spread them out according to whatever desired schedule I feel works best.

I used to post first thing at 10am, but I found that there aren’t as many views or likes on the posts I’ve put up. Then I started to schedule the posts more towards noon and the views and likes increased. I can spread out the social media posts on Facebook and Instagram ahead of time. I’m also sent reminders on my phone that notify me when my posts are now available online.

I use a Free account with Hootsuite but there are other plans available:

Professional – $9.99/month

Team – $34.99/ month per user

Business – $99.99/ month per user

Enterprise – price varies

More information about what each plan provides could be found here.

I definitely plan on using this website for my own personal use for my personal blog and Instagram. I’m excited to learn a little bit more and optimize my views/likes to the best of my ability.








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