Brand Yourself

I’ve been wanting to create a better online presence using my social media accounts. So I started to search online for tips on personal branding. Essentially I realized that personal branding is marketing yourself to the viewer or targeted audience.

One of the interesting websites I found was Personal Branding 101

The topic of personal branding was divided into 5 steps.

Step 1: Define Your Overall Aspirations – I want to have a strong online presence that connects all of my social media accounts together.

Step 2: Conduct Research – I looked at other bloggers/vloggers/online personalities and the content that they put out. There was a noticeable consistency as to what they’re interests were. For example, A friend of mine consistently puts out pictures on her Instagram that are very nature-esque and vegan.

Step 3: Determine Your Brand Attributes – I’m very interested in personal development and continuous growth. So whatever pictures/posts I place online, I want them to be seen as inspirational, refreshing, positive, or motivational.

Step 4: Assess Your Current State – I have accounts for Facebook, Instagram, WordPress, Twitter, and Youtube. I changed all the usernames for these accounts so that they’re all the same. Some accounts I use more than others and when I do post things, there’s no set schedule as to when and how often I post.

Step 5: Create Your Game Plan – According to the article I found I need to include “all aspects of myself as a product.” The way that I interpret this is that I shouldn’t be posting the same exact content on all my social media platforms. If I do that, I figure people would be like “so what’s the point of following all of them, if they post the same exact thing?” and then I would lose opportunity for gaining a loyal following.

Step 6: Manage Your Brand – I need to be proactive and be consistent with the content that I put out online. Since I’m into personal development, I should be posting more that are related to the topic.

There are plenty of other articles online that can give tips on how to brand yourself online. This was just my thoughts after reading just one of them. Now it’s time to take action and actually do it!


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