Too Many Newsletters!?

I don’t know if this happens to everyone else, but I have this bad habit of signing up for newsletters. The e-mails constantly build up because I hardly ever open them and then I have a whole bunch of unread e-mails in my Inbox.

This is what my Inbox currently looks like:UntitledIt got me thinking… How do these companies get people like me to even OPEN the e-mails that they send out? Why do some of them e-mail so frequently? I seriously feel like I can’t keep up sometimes.

So I had to think further. Well why did I sign up for their newsletter anyways? Mainly it’s because they were offering some type of discount or exclusive offer that can only be done if I signed up.

Now that I’m getting all these newsletters the only ones I ever open are the ones that are offering bigger discounts. Like in the screenshot above, I would be more drawn to open the e-mail from H&M Fashion News. Why? Because in the subject title there’s some type of 20% discount off of my potential purchase.

This article explains the Importance of Subject Lines.

It points out several guidelines for creating subject lines in an e-mail

1. Keep It Brief: If the subject line is too long I tend to brush past it; therefore, less likely to open the e-mail.

2. Pique Their Interest: CSUF gives the same subject line every time they send me e-mails: CSUF – Titan Career Newsletter. I got bored and stopped opening them. I still haven’t unsubscribed from it because I feel like when I have extreme downtime I could look at it and see if there’s any useful information that I could use.

3. Offer Value: The ones where the subject line includes things like 20% off are the ones that grab me the most. Anywhere I can save money typically grabs my attention. A lot of the newsletters that I sign up for are places that I shop often, so any time there’s a discount offered I definitely want to take advantage of it.

4. Build Trust: If the subject title doesn’t match the content inside the e-mail I just get annoyed. It’s similar to when click bait is created on Facebook. There would be articles that say some outrageous title and then when you click on the link, it’s completely unrelated or disappointing to expectation. If I keep getting “tricked” to open certain e-mails, I end up unsubscribing. I don’t want to waste my time reading things I would have no interest in.

I should really clear out my Inbox of useless newsletter subscriptions, but the discounts keep me tied to them. Oh well.


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