Twitter Culture

My Cinema class was arguing against our professor the other week. He said he wasn’t really into any type of social media, but even so his wife was adamant about him joining Twitter.


Well you see, he’s a real news buff. He likes to read articles and newspapers about politics and whatever is happening in the entertainment industry. He didn’t really see the relevance of us arguing and agreeing with his wife: Sign up for Twitter.

Twitter has changed the way that we take in news, in 140 characters or less. We told our professor that he can get news sent to him in real time. That way he gets the most up to date news and he doesn’t have to use as much time looking for the news. The news comes to him through the access of his own phone or computer.

Here’s How Twitter Works:


Messages on Twitter are known as Tweets. Each tweet contains 140 characters or less that are posted onto your profile for people to see. You can even reply to people’s tweets too add post your own opinions. You can also @ people, or “mention” them in your tweets by including their username. My professor would be able to reply/mention a news username like @BBCNews and reply to whatever it is he wanted

Same thing with posts, you can add pictures and links to your tweets as long as it says within the 140 characters rules. There are some websites that can even condense links so that they don’t take up that many characters in your tweet.

Back in the day the HASHTAG was known as the POUND or NUMBER SIGN (#). People use hashtags in their tweets so that other users can see what other people are saying about that related topic. Using a HASHTAG search can be one way that our professor can look up a specific news topic on Twitter.

My professor would also be able to RETWEET other people’s tweets so that the information can be shared onto his profile. This is the equivalent of sharing an article or another post on Facebook.

With Twitter, users can also set certain notifications so that tweets from certain people would be sent to your phone or computer. So if my professor only wanted tweets from @Variety and @TheGuardian , he would be able to change settings so that he would get those specific tweets sent to him whenever those users tweet.

Twitter is definitely fast paced and there’s always something going on on that social media site. Anyone can use it for whatever purpose they please.


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