What’s the Point of Social Media Marketing?

According to this LinkedIn article, there are several cons to Social Media marketing:

  1. It’s Time Consuming: Social Media Marketing takes a lot of time and effort to do. A good digital marketer doesn’t just post thing online whenever the convenience. There’s consistency, planning, and responsiveness to the targeted audience.
  2. Generates Negative Users: Bad reviews can spread like wild fire. Reviews posted on places like Yelp! can affect whether or not a potential customer decides to try your services. If the reviews are bad, it would be difficult to recover.
  3. Makes You Lose Control: If something goes viral, it’s hard to control if not impossible to control who sees the content you put out. Once it’s out on the internet, it’s out for everyone to see.
  4. ROI is Hard To Define: It’s difficult to measure responsiveness and activity of the content posted because the internet is never turned off. Whatever content is posted on social media, it’s available for anyone to see whenever those people choose to look at it.

If there are so many downsides to Social Media marketing, then why do we do it?

Brand Recognition in the Digital Age.

Marketing on social media is much less expensive compared to Television, Radio, and Print advertisements. For example, a 30 second commercial spot during the Super Bowl can cost thousands if not millions of dollars. Having your content available online 24/7 CAN POTENTIALLY be seen as a con if it goes into negative light; however, being available 24/7 makes things just a little easier. Everything is going mobile nowadays, and if your content is not available on-the-go, it would be very difficult to get your brand across. Social Media is easily accessible, so your content needs to be.

Overall there are impactful cons to participating in Social Media marketing. If done right, it can change your business/your image in a fantastic way.



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