ColourPop: Online Only

ColourPop is a company that sells cosmetics through their website only that uses social media as their main form of communication.

The company prides themselves as being cruelty free and wallet friendly. As stated on their About Us page: “Trends come and go, so it’s super important to us that you can keep up with this ever-changing industry without breaking the bank. You can try out the latest trends without serious commitment because our luxury formulas are priced for experimentation.”

With social media being their main platform of advertising and getting the word out, it would seem near impossible for a company to blow up. But it happened to ColourPop.

colourpop instagram

ColourPop regularly updates their Instagram profile featuring their newest products and people wearing them. Their products run for as low as $5 like individual eye shadow pigments, lipsticks, lip glosses and to as high as $30 for value kits (that includes bundles of various products and shades).

ColourPop follows the latest trends. They’re constantly updating their social media accounts with new deals and new products. Because of that they’re constantly connecting with their target market: Millennials.

According to this article, “Colourpop establishes a connection with consumers by being ever-present where its target market is spending their time. So, the company speaks directly to consumers through social media instead of resorting to traditional advertising campaigns.  In July 2016, Colourpop ventured into global shipping to respond to a consumer concern most likely gathered from its social media connections.”

Through social media, ColourPop is able to get feedback instantly. Whatever the target market wants, ColourPop will make it happen.

colourpop tweet

Active on Twitter, ColourPop will ask feedback from its loyal users. In an instant, Twitter users will reply back and basically give the company information on what’s selling. In this sense, it’s basically “Free Online Advertising” because you have people constantly mentioning ColourPop on their own profiles. Eventually the word spreads and their brand recognition grows.

There’s a sense of exclusivity with ColourPop because it’s only available for purchase online. Not only that, they’re providing product at a fast pace giving the sense of “I’ve Gotta Have It!” The company would also partner with well known Influencers to get their brand name spread out more with Limited Edition products. The sense of urgency created by Limited Edition products it’s pretty clever.

ColourPop continues to grow and it isn’t stop. It’s branching out its cosmetic into eyeliners, highlighters and their own make-up brushes. And it’s all exclusive. Online Only.


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