Browsing With Ease

This past week, my internet marketing class critiqued various websites using Jakob Neilsen’s 113 Tips on Website Usability.

After the website critique presentations, it got me thinking about my internship’s website. Every time I’m in the office there’s someone calling in asking how to maneuver throughout the website. The person is usually trying to buy tickets for something or get information about a certain event that we’re having. People usually attending this festival apparently an older generation, so navigating this website seems to be pretty difficult.

above the fold

The website has a simple design, but it has many problems. If I wanted to choose an event to purchase tickets for there’s constant scrolling involved. It can get a little overwhelming.

Information on the website needs to be consistent and accurate.

Some of the information on the website isn’t accurate. Some of the events require its attendees to be 21+ because there’s alcohol being served during the event. However, it doesn’t state that in plain sight anywhere. The problem that can emerge from this is that people that buy tickets and want to attend the 21+ events might purchase the tickets without even knowing that there’s an age requirement. As a result, you have angry customers.

Links Need to Redirect to Proper Location.

When trying to purchase tickets, some “PURCHASE TICKETS NOW” buttons don’t work. If I were to click on the “PURCHASE TICKETS NOW BUTTON” it doesn’t redirect me or open a window to another page anywhere. Instead, it just refreshes the page.

purchase tickets now

If the links don’t work, in my opinion I would just lose interest in trying to purchase tickets and attend the event. In that sense, that means this website just lost another customer.

The website does offer a newsletter sign up, BUT it’s all the way at the bottom of the homepage. SO MUCH SCROLLING. I wouldn’t scroll down to the bottom, let alone look to sign up for a newsletter if it was this much work to get to it.newsletter sign up

After doing the website critique assignment in my marketing class, I’m much more aware of the websites that I browse through. It’s interesting to see and understand how companies create their sites and how much detail and planning goes into the design. wow.


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