Ever see an interesting titled article and you just want to click it? Watch out. It’s probably fake. It’s probably Clickbait.

What is Clickbait? Google says that is is (on the Internet) content whose main purpose is to attract attention and encourage visitors to click on a link to a particular web page. I get so mad when I fall for it every time.

I found this account where the author creates art based off of the ridiculous clickbait ads that she sees.

Things are Looking Blue for Kim and Kanye  is one example of a clickbait article. You would think that based off of this article title that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were having relationship/marital issues. They’re not. The article talks about how what they’re wearing is literally the color blue. I get annoyed and leave the article page.


These are just more examples of what Clickbait actually is. So why do we fall for it? Because we’re curious creatures that can’t help but want to know more of the mysterious.

Sometimes Clickbait will mess with the viewers emotions. Out of Fear, Guilt, Love, Money, etc etc… We’re curious, emotional creatures

This Reddit feed has its users discussing as to why we fall for clickbait so much.

Stupidmudokons wrote: For me, it’s usually just genuine curiosity. I’ll see a topic I’m at least mildly interested in, and I really want to know 7 UNBELIEVABLE facts about coffee drinkers. I’m usually disappointed, and I know it’s click bait, but I’m still interested and want to know. Every once in a while it’s worth the time and I learn something mildly interesting.

In Which OnePunchMar[S] responded: You’re probably one of the few people that don’t really see it as a negative type of deal haha! I think a lot of times, clickbait makes me go out of my way to google the information if I can’t find it in the article that baited me ;

Clickbait is one of the way things can go viral. The company would pay for their “clickbait” advertisements to show up on a users screen, hopefully they click on it, and basically learn about a product/fact that’s probably useless to them OR they would actually be interested in buying/learning more about.

I don’t know, but I feel dumb clicking on the the links KNOWING that it’s clickbait, but I do it anyways simply because I WANT TO KNOW. Is there any way to get rid of ClickBait? Or are we all doomed of the inevitable and that this is just another form of advertising?


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